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billion people to feed in the world


billion HA under agricultural production globally


million farms in the world


billion people employed in agriculture globally

Join the fastest growing online farming comuunity


Responsive Design makes NetAgri look good on any screen (desktops, tablets, and phones).


Make Net-Agri the place that you and your friends, colleagues and business associates come to network

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NetAgri is currently not allowing any advertising making the website just for it users


In the future it may be possible to trade with others in the agricultural community live on NetAgri


We take personal information and data seriously, your online security is of high importance to us.

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Easy to Navigate NetAgri is designed to be easy to navigate for all of our users allowing the best interaction between members

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Keeping community free of spams helps in keeping member’s social experience enjoyable and clutter-free.

Everything collaborated at one place

Numerous features in the NetAgri social business network all in one place

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Best communities are those which seize the visitors by merely looking at them.